New HyFlex® 11-518

New-to-world highest cut to dexterity ratio ANSI Level 2 11-518 glove cut resistant ultra thin 18 gauge glove.

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New HyFlex® 11-818

Barehand-like comfort and 11-818 glove tactility with high durability.

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HyFlex Precision Protection Range

Striking the perfect balance of comfort, dexterity and protection.

Premium HyFlex general purpose gloves are ergonomically designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity. For jobs that require precision handling of small parts, HyFlex has the power to perform far beyond expectations.

HyFlex products fall into four distinct ranges: Multi-Purpose, Cut Resistant, Oil-Repellent, and Special Purpose.

Multi-Purpose Our Multi-Purpose range provides you with fine grip, superior dexterity and outstanding comfort when handling small parts.
Cut Protection When you're working with sharp edges, our Cut Protection range offers varying degrees of protection to match the job.
Oil-Repellent For sure grip, long wear and outstanding comfort when handling lubricated components, our Oil-Repellent range is the perfect choice.
Special-Purpose When your job calls for a unique glove property, our Special-Purpose range offers the characteristics you need along with the comfort you want.

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