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The Power of Ansell Guardian: Four Testimonials

Pulp and Paper Company | White Goods Manufacturer | Transportation Manufacturer | Furniture Manufacturer

Pulp and Paper Company Crops Hand Injuries by Whopping 80 Percent


After a pulp and paper company experienced an unacceptable level of hand injuries in the form of lacerations, safety personnel approached Ansell about how they could reduce the company's rate of injury. Ansell implemented GuardianSM via a corporate mandate across multiple locations.

Ansell Guardian is a comprehensive cost savings and profitability improvement process that analyzes seven distinct cost drivers that impact a company's day to day operations. The objective is to identify improvement opportunities and changes that can result in significant cost savings.


Ansell conducted Guardian assessments at plant locations selected as pilot sites as manufacturing processes were identical at all locations. The goal was to create a set of solutions that could be consolidated into one package and applied company-wide.

Ansell specialists evaluated every application at the sites to identify critical factors and gained input from as many employees as possible to obtain feedback-including likes and dislikes-on the current PPE products used for various tasks. This process revealed that workers lacked the proper level of cut protection to safely perform their jobs.

The Ansell specialists, working in their respective geographical territories, agreed upon the solutions and developed recommendations for implementation across all facilities. Ansell suggested workers use a glove with a higher level of cut resistance better aligned with individual job requirements to ensure optimum protection.


The Ansell solutions were implemented corporate-wide, reducing hand-related injuries by 80 to 90 percent. These figures were supplied by the corporate office.

White Goods Manufacturer Trims Hand Protection Costs by 23 Percent, Saves $35,000 through Controlled Distribution


The vice president of operations in a white goods manufacturing plant tasked its safety department with better controlling glove costs. Although no pre-defined dollar amount was established, management wanted to significantly reduce glove costs within a 12 month period.


Ansell implemented its Guardian process at the company's appliance manufacturing sites and collected data during the next six months. Observation and worker feedback revealed that individuals were taking a new pair of gloves after every break (bathroom, cigarette and lunch), after shift changes and when they arrived at work the following day. No accountability or controls existed for distributing hand protection products.

Based on recommendations stemming from the Guardian process, the plant installed locked cabinets within all manufacturing departments. The facility also used a new glove that provided a higher level of cut protection and excellent dexterity. The product could be laundered to extend its service life.


Twelve months after the changes were implemented, the white goods manufacturer reported a 23 percent reduction in hand protection product costs, with another $35,000 in savings reported from a vending program that controlled glove distribution.

Transportation Manufacturer Logs ZERO Recordable Hand Injuries


Sixty-four percent of all recordable injuries logged at a transportation manufacturer's two plants involved the hands. Workers at the sites, which were located in different states, performed identical functions. During a single year, the plants reported 19 recordable hand injuries.


Ansell implemented its Guardian process, assessing all applications at the two facilities. The evaluation was conducted at one site and then the other, with specialists identifying hazardous processes, interviewing workers and watching them perform their jobs. Sample gloves were tested to identify the level of protection the gloves provided and determine why workers were injuring their hands.

The Guardian process showed the gloves used at the sites did not supply workers the level of cut protection required. Products were often one to two levels below the levels needed.

Based on this insight, Ansell specialists developed recommendations, tested the solutions and presented them to the manufacturer. Recommendations were implemented in the first plant, with a turnkey approach created for the second site.


The transportation manufacturer's OSHA log showed the company had ZERO recordable hand injuries during the first six months after implementing the solutions, saving the company an average of $4,200 per injury based on figures provided by the National Safety Council. The company was very supportive of the glove program and created its own educational tools and distributed them across the plant sites.

Furniture Manufacturer Constructs Safer Environment, Boosts Productivity


A furniture manufacturer approached Ansell with several goals-to consolidate suppliers, reduce its glove spend and improve its safety record.


Ansell presented its Guardian process to the company's corporate team, which decided to implement the process across its 12 plants. The PPE distributor enlisted experts for each type of PPE worn/provided, including eye protection, ear protection, hard hats, etc. PPE providers collectively followed Ansell's lead to analyze plant applications and interview workers at each location. The team created a report with solutions that addressed all product categories.


The furniture manufacturer enjoyed an estimated 7 percent reduction in PPE costs overall, with a $100,000 reduction in hand and arm injuries and an estimated $32,000 savings resulting from standardization and consolidation of PPE products. The plant experienced a 68 percent increase in productivity because workers spent less time away from the production line and more time doing their jobs.

Increased levels of cut protection, longer product life cycles and improved employee acceptability were key results. The company currently saves an incremental $1,000 annually by having the PPE manufacturers conduct an annual safety audit and provide PPE training for employees.

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