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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ansell products and services. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please fax, e-mail, or call Ansell Customer Service at 1-800-800-0444.

QuestionWhy doesn’t Ansell provide material safety data sheets for its protective clothing?
QuestionHow does Touch N Tuff compare to N-Dex?
QuestionWhy doesn't the Ansell catalog report the thickness of the coating on its supported gloves like ScorpioTM?
QuestionWhat information can Ansell provide about latex allergies?
QuestionDo government agencies really "approve" rubber gloves?
QuestionWhat is the chemical resistance of EndurosafTM aprons?
QuestionWhat gloves can you recommend for glutaraldehyde?
QuestionWhat gloves can you recommend for mercury?
QuestionHow does the chemical resistance of 0.10 mm (4 mil) Touch N TuffTM compare to that of 0.15 mm (6 mil) N-DexTM?
QuestionWhat glove would you recommend for use with a drain cleaner based on sulfuric acid?
QuestionWhat glove would you recommend for protection against carbon disulfide splashes?
QuestionHow can I get permeability information on 37-155, 9-912, 20-102, 47-400, and 42-474?
QuestionDoes Ansell sell any hypoallergenic gloves?
QuestionAre rubber and latex the same thing?
QuestionWhat protective clothing would you recommend for handling car batteries?
QuestionWhat gloves would you recommend for handling lacquer thinner?
QuestionWhat gloves can you recommend for PCBs?
QuestionWhere can I find chemical resistance information on gloves and chemicals that are not in the Ansell Chemical Resistance Guide?
QuestionWhy doesn't Ansell specify temperature ranges for its insulated gloves?
QuestionWe are looking for the mil thickness of some TNT gloves that we have. Any ideas?
QuestionWhat is the effect of Ozone on rubber gloves?
QuestionHow should I dispose of used gloves?
QuestionHow does the chemical resistance of two 4-mil disposable gloves (worn double-gloved) stack up against the chemical resistance of a single 8-mil glove?
QuestionWhy does NIOSH recommend against using oil-based barrier creams with latex gloves?
QuestionWhat is the difference between “supported” and “unsupported” gloves?
QuestionIs it necessary to launder Ansell Gloves? And if so, how do I do it?
QuestionWhat gloves can you recommend for protection from anthrax and other diseases that might be spread by terrorists?
QuestionCan Ansell polyethylene and PVC aprons and sleeves be used in critical environment applications?
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